Our Story

We believe everyone deserves to understand their individual health metrics to empower them to make meaningful changes to live healthier and happier.

Here's how we created a completely personalized health and wellness ecosystem.


Our Mission

To provide the world with meaningful digital health insights that empower and enable our users to become the healthiest versions of themselves.

Our Core Values


Our team at Achu Health™ is committed to a journey of innovation, to provide tools that build a healthier society through engaging digital experiences, that give accurate and useful health insights to our users.


Privacy is a fundamental human right. We believe that user privacy is to be maximized at all times. If user data is required to provide direct value to our users, the specificity and use of their data will be explicitly transparent, while ensuring it is secure.


Achu Health™ puts diversity and inclusion at the forefront of what we do. We believe that health tools and experiences ought to be designed in such a way that they are accessible to all.

Our Commitment to Privacy

Your health data is yours and yours only.

All health and wellness data collected on any Achu Health™ app stays there, period. We will never sell, collect, or share any of your data for any reason.

Privacy Policy